Digital pressure switch.

Digital pressure switch.



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Product specification

    2 pressure sensors (low pressure/high pressure)

    - Low pressure 3 points, high pressure 1 point, fan control 2 points

    - Built-in low pressure ON/OFF high pressure ON delay timer

    - Set pressure value can be input in units of 0.1 kgf/cm2

    - Built-in pressure unit conversion mode (kgf/cm2, Mpa, Bar, Psi)

power supply 100-240V ~ ±10%, 50-60hz(24VDC order specification)
current consumption 200mA
display C.LCD & B/L (Blue)
pressure range -1.0~50 Kgf/cm2 (Both Low & High)
output contact SPST 250V/ 3A
SPDT 250V/ 3A
commercial temperature -20~60℃ RH 60%
Sensor precision 0.5%FS
Communication application (Option) RS-485
Current output application (Option) 4-20mA
Refrigerant gas selection Refrigerants other than (R22, 23, 134, 404, 407, 410, 507) are ordered specifications.

Application Installation Diagram

Installation Type Chart